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A hello to the old and a welcome to the new! - University of Central Florida Freshman Fall 2005 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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A hello to the old and a welcome to the new! [Jul. 6th, 2006|04:47 pm]
University of Central Florida Fall 2005 Freshman


*pokes for life in journal*

Well ya'll, I don't know if I've been a bad journal keeper or what, but I do know you guys have a life outside of LJ, internet, and summer. Buuuuuut, just want to say hi to all and hope everyone is having a fun summer.


Any questions about classes? GPA? Classes for specific majors? Or just general questions.

Please do NOT feel bad about asking them. Whether it be here, or if you instant message me on AIM (thatliljewgirl16), or what the deal is....but I will be glad to help.

For those of you who don't know me here is a brief introduction (because I know we have some new members out there):

My name is Nava, I'll be 19 in August, heading into my sophmore year at UCF as an Aerospace Engineering major (however, I entered as a Psychology major). I have taken Face-To-Face, Reduced Time, and Online classes, so if you have any questions about them I can give you websites as references as well as personal knowledge. If you need help with WebCT, I've also become a master at that, lol (as well as Polaris). I am currently enrolled and taking 3 online summer classes (I had a 4th, but it was Summer A so it finished up a few weeks back). I finish another 2 classes on the 14th (part of Summer D), and my last class finishes up on August 2nd I believe (Summer C). I'll be living on-campus next year in Lake Claire (last year I was in Sumter Hall--Libra Community).

I tend to be one of those people that researches things to death, so if I don't have an answer to your question, I'll probably look it up and get back to you either that day or soon thereafter because I'm pretty diligant with finding things. I have almost *instant* website links for IMPORTANT things for UCF--which I'll again post just before school starts for both the old members and for any new ones.

Lastly, we had one or two LJ gathers last year with members from this community as well as a friend or two, and let me tell you new guys...it was definitely something worth doing. I think I recognized more people on-campus just by being on LJ, as well as others. And one specific person always wanted to meet more people (don't worry..I won't mention your name, lol :P), and she did meet more people just by being in LJ. Apparently whenever the two of us hung out together I said hi to so many random people and she wanted something similar to that. LJ gives that to you. I know this year most of the original LJ people have moved to new places and we don't have the luxury of having a common area again...although I do know that Lake Claire apartments do have a little living area (I emphasize little there), so perhaps another get together in my apartment or perhaps somewhere else will happen...hopefully.

At last, I'll let you guys go and have a fun rest of the summer. This community is here if you need help/have questions. Again, don't hesitate to IM me on AIM if you need anything (thatliljewgirl16). Believe me..If I'm around I'll probably answer, no matter how weird or emo my away message is.

[User Picture]From: akamanda
2006-07-09 05:21 pm (UTC)
Yes Nava is the person to go to for questions. I still go to her for answers! lol. And the LJ gatherings are too neat. I had fun! And you know we're gonna have more this coming year.
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