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Spam, posting, and the like [Dec. 15th, 2010|10:05 am]
University of Central Florida Fall 2005 Freshman

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 Hey guys.  I know we really haven't kept up with this community in the past 2-3 years with people graduating, transferring schools, moving, or just too busy with life to be able to keep up.

I'm posting this mainly because in the past 6-8 weeks I've had a lot of random spam postings in several different languages and wanted to let you know that this community will be monitored more frequently (despite us not posting as much) and I will be limiting membership so that I get email notified and have to give permission before new users join.  I hate to limit this, but it's just necessary so that people do not have spam feed on their friend's list.

Also, I'm still in the area, I'm a graduate student at UCF now, so I'm still around if anyone has questions about UCF (admissions, entrance, on-campus living, off-campus living, classes, maneuvering the website, history of the university, etc.).  To those that I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know 5 years ago--it'd be nice to hear where ya'll are at and I hope everything is well and that you are doing what you want to do with your life.  For those I have not met who have joined the community over the past 5 years, introduce yourself, get to know one another.  Livejournal seems like it is a dead medium, but there are still people that connect to these part of the interwebs.

I hope everyone had a pleasant semester, or those who no longer are in school have had a pleasant few months.  I wish everyone the best and hope that your holiday season is good and that everyone takes at least a few days of break from work/school/obligations to enjoy some family and/or friend time.
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long time no type [Jan. 31st, 2007|09:31 pm]
University of Central Florida Fall 2005 Freshman

*knock knock*
Is anyone home?
How ya`ll doing?
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For the uneducated/unaware.... [Oct. 27th, 2006|12:39 pm]
University of Central Florida Fall 2005 Freshman

Tonight is the kickoff for Homecoming week!

You can find all additional information and so forth on the link above.

Hope everyone is having a good semester and hopefully we'll run into each other at some of the events.
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Important Info... [Aug. 26th, 2006|10:51 pm]
University of Central Florida Fall 2005 Freshman

[music |The 4400 on t.v. (season 2 prep for season finale tomorrow!)]

Just as an FYI to those looking to be further involved with on-campus things this year...here is the calendar for next week.

Some important dates to remember are specifically Tuesday and Thursday of next week with Club meet and greets as well as part-time on-campus job opportunities.  These calendars are updated weekly, so just keep looking back at the calendar (found on www.ucf.edu).

Hope everyone had a great first week! 
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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2006|08:27 pm]
University of Central Florida Fall 2005 Freshman

here's my schedule. i'm just finishing up the required general education courses this term.
maybe someone shares one of these classes with me. a person to study for Diff. Eq. would be nice.

Physical Science (PSC1121) 9:30-10:20AM 

Physical Geography (GEO1200) 4:30-5:45PM
Differential Equations (MAP2302) 6:00-7:15PM 

Physical Science Lab (PSC1121L) 8:00-9:50AM

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(no subject) [Aug. 21st, 2006|10:49 am]
University of Central Florida Fall 2005 Freshman
Nava did it so i might as well....heres my schedule for the semester....


900-1020 am: CHM 2046 [Chemistry II]
130-245 pm: PCB 3233 [Immunology]
300-550 pm: PCB 3233 L [Immunology Lab]
730-920 pm: MAC 2311 [Calculus I]

900-1020 am: CHM 2046 [Chemistry II]
130-245 pm: PCB 3233 [Immunology]
730-920 pm: MAC 2311 [Calculus I]


ENC 1101 [English I]
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I know it's a little late..but are you in my class? [Aug. 20th, 2006|11:25 pm]
University of Central Florida Fall 2005 Freshman

I know I shoulda posted my schedule sooner, but I keep on switching it around.

So, I guess this is the official schedule postings for the community.  

Here is my schedule:

MAC 2312   Calculus 2   Section 6   1:30-3:20  Deguang Han
HBR 1120   Elementary Modern Hebrew Language 1  Section 3  5:30-7:20  Dora Avni

EGN 1006C  Intro to Engineering  Section 1  10:30-11:20  
EGN 1006C  Intro to Engineering  (lab)  Section 32  1:30-3:20

AMH 2010  U.S. History 1497-1877  Section W58   Saiful-Islam Abdul-Ahad
AMH 4392  Special Topics    Section W59  Amy Elizabeth Foster

Do you share any classes with me? It would be nice if you did. =)  

So...post your schedules to see who shares classes!
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UCF on-campus students... [Jul. 21st, 2006|03:30 pm]
University of Central Florida Fall 2005 Freshman

Just as an FYI to you on-campus students like myself, official letters of roommates have been sent out in the mail and are also posted online at the housing website.

Hope everyone is happy with what they got...and if there are any questions, just leave them here and someone will be bound to respond.
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A hello to the old and a welcome to the new! [Jul. 6th, 2006|04:47 pm]
University of Central Florida Fall 2005 Freshman

*pokes for life in journal*

Well ya'll, I don't know if I've been a bad journal keeper or what, but I do know you guys have a life outside of LJ, internet, and summer. Buuuuuut, just want to say hi to all and hope everyone is having a fun summer.


Any questions about classes? GPA? Classes for specific majors? Or just general questions.

Please do NOT feel bad about asking them. Whether it be here, or if you instant message me on AIM (thatliljewgirl16), or what the deal is....but I will be glad to help.

For those of you who don't know me here is a brief introduction (because I know we have some new members out there):

My name is Nava, I'll be 19 in August, heading into my sophmore year at UCF as an Aerospace Engineering major (however, I entered as a Psychology major). I have taken Face-To-Face, Reduced Time, and Online classes, so if you have any questions about them I can give you websites as references as well as personal knowledge. If you need help with WebCT, I've also become a master at that, lol (as well as Polaris). I am currently enrolled and taking 3 online summer classes (I had a 4th, but it was Summer A so it finished up a few weeks back). I finish another 2 classes on the 14th (part of Summer D), and my last class finishes up on August 2nd I believe (Summer C). I'll be living on-campus next year in Lake Claire (last year I was in Sumter Hall--Libra Community).

I tend to be one of those people that researches things to death, so if I don't have an answer to your question, I'll probably look it up and get back to you either that day or soon thereafter because I'm pretty diligant with finding things. I have almost *instant* website links for IMPORTANT things for UCF--which I'll again post just before school starts for both the old members and for any new ones.

Lastly, we had one or two LJ gathers last year with members from this community as well as a friend or two, and let me tell you new guys...it was definitely something worth doing. I think I recognized more people on-campus just by being on LJ, as well as others. And one specific person always wanted to meet more people (don't worry..I won't mention your name, lol :P), and she did meet more people just by being in LJ. Apparently whenever the two of us hung out together I said hi to so many random people and she wanted something similar to that. LJ gives that to you. I know this year most of the original LJ people have moved to new places and we don't have the luxury of having a common area again...although I do know that Lake Claire apartments do have a little living area (I emphasize little there), so perhaps another get together in my apartment or perhaps somewhere else will happen...hopefully.

At last, I'll let you guys go and have a fun rest of the summer. This community is here if you need help/have questions. Again, don't hesitate to IM me on AIM if you need anything (thatliljewgirl16). Believe me..If I'm around I'll probably answer, no matter how weird or emo my away message is.
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another ? [Jun. 17th, 2006|03:19 am]
University of Central Florida Fall 2005 Freshman

ok this question is kinda silly to most of you guys i bet....but....i have never taken an online course and i was/am just curious what it is like. as i am considering takin may 2 online so i can get a job and work. is online easy? hard? mediocore? is it easy to figure out how to do an online class? is it better or worse than a lecture in class course? thanks for the advice and opinions!!!
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